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The Ministry of Gear offers a wide range of fetish and kink events in an international spectrum. Once MoG started its journey in Canada, it became also popular in Europe and expands its borders since then. Join MoG into an awsome world of freedom, creativity and kink – because that’s what MoG was made for: Quality events for the most uniqe and innteresting scene on this planet: The Gear and Kink Szene.

Upcoming Events


2024/09/28 | 8 pm | Hamburg

Organized by the MoG Europe team, MoG Soundwaves is a fetish event for diverse kink groups that focuses on providing unique experiences, high quality sound and provide a safe space to show your outfits.

This time, the party takes place on board the MS KOI, with multiple decks and an outside area.

Join us for a unique and unforgettable evening on the water.

MoG Montreal - Pride Edition

2024/08/09 | 9 pm | Montreal

To celebrate the pride parade and give our Canadian Gearheads, Puppys and Kinkster a place to be after the parade the MoG North America presents the MoG Montreal – Pride Edition 2024.