MoG ID Cards

MoG ID cards are available exclusively for MoG event guests with a valid Event Ticket. The cards are printed with your desired Nickname and a watermark photo. The cards are also equiped with NFC and QR Codes with custom URL that can be added.
As an example, an Instagram or Linktree URL.
The requested MoG ID Card can be picked up at the next MoG event.
No personal data is stored on the card and the card can be deactivated if lost.
MoG offers a self-service for managing MoG ID cards. Please select whether you would like to block your card or change the link you have stored. (edited)

Ordering a new MoG ID Card

When you would like a new MoG ID card, or exchange the MoG ID card, the following form can be used.
The card can be picked up at the next MoG event.
For MoG Soundwaves, New MoG ID cards and Exchanging will be free.

Edit MoG ID Card

When you want to change the URL on the card or when you want to disable the card.
Changes will take time to get in effect.